We are proud to say that we are a locally owned and operated business, for South East Queensland whilst also happy to help Northern NSW.

We understand that making one call and being able to order everything you require from the timber to hardware to complete your project makes life easier.

For the previous 15 years, we have run a fencing and landscaping business. This has allowed us a huge advantage to get an insiders to view on what is required to run a successful fencing business.

Being involved in the building industry for more than 40 years has given us an understanding of what tradesmen require to help their businesses run a lot smoother. And to help you complete your DIY jobs with as little ease as possible. Our team can advise people on what to use to get the best results possible.

We prefer to use smaller and privately-owned companies as our suppliers, as this way we are able to have that personal and quality controlled influence that we wish to strive for in our products and services.

Fencing Suppliers Brisbane & Gold Coast If you have any questions our friendly team at our timber yard are available on 07 3287 1733.

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