Timber Fencing in Brisbane: An Ideal Choice for Your Property

If you’re looking for a durable and attractive fence for your property, consider investing in a timber fence.

Top Quality Materials

Made from high-quality wood materials, timber fences are ideal for their durability, versatility, and beauty. Here at Timber and Fencing Brisbane, we offer a wide selection of timber fencing products, including timber fences, treated pine palings, and timber paling fences.

If you have any questions, from timber paling fences to treated pine fence palings, our team are ready to help.
Simply call 07 3287 1733!

Fencing Suppliers Brisbane & Gold Coast

If you want high quality, locally sources timber picket fence supplies Brisbane & Gold Coast and you are located in or around Brisbane or Gold Coast then visit our timber yard at 33 – 35 Frank Heck Close, Beenleigh, Brisbane QLD 4207.

If you have any questions our friendly team at our timber yard are available on 07 3287 1733.

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